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I am offering you and friend or loved one, a photo shoot with me to both get feedback about client experience as well as build my portrait portfolio. 

Families: I’d love to offer you photos as well. After mom has a great ladies day out, you’re more than welcome to join in on the experience.


What’s included:

A full photo shoot experience with me

Hair and Make-up (for the ladies)

Wardrobe consultation (I have a small wardrobe in studio to choose from as well)

Up to 5 outfits

Up to 2 hours of shooting

In exchange for your time, you’ll get 5 images (delivered digitally after your reveal). If you’d like the printed photos (& folio box) I will sell them to you at my cost of goods plus shipping - prices shown after contact form submitted.


Rules of Engagement:

1.           You cannot, under any circumstance, tell anyone that you are receiving a complimentary photo shoot from me. You can say, “I booked a photo shoot with Monique! Totally worth it! (only if it was, which I hope it will be!)”

2.         Be willing to sign a photo release to use photos online in social media, on my website, and in other marketing materials and portfolios.

3.          Complete a survey about your experience so that I can gain feedback as to what I can do to make my client experience better.

4.         Be willing to attend an “In-Person Sales/Reveal Session” –don’t worry, for your time you’ll still receive 5 images digitally; this is more so that I can practice selling and the reveal experience.

5.         Show and share your photos! Give out gift vouchers and send me the names to those you invited.

6.         Bring at least one additional person with you, but they will have to abide by the same rules (families/couples/best friends/co-worker, we’ll just work out the logistics of it when we schedule a time).

7.          Be willing to write a review—I’ll give you tag lines to make it easier.

8.         Dress up! –Will send a style guide


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I currently only have weekend availability. - Offer only valid through 14 May 17.


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