And We're Live!

Welcome friends!

I am so excited that you’re here! How excited you might ask? Let me tell you:  as excited as winning the giant claw machine on Pier 39 in San Francisco to grab this massive Minion. Yup, this little gem you see here is a keeper for sure.

San Francisco Claw Machine

But let’s get real, I am not a writer. I write how I speak, so fair warning! But I believe that a great relationship with your photographer is incredibly important, so here we are! Since I’ve never written a blog before here’s some expectation management: blogs will be weekly, and posted on Sunday. And one of my resolutions for this year (we’ll get to those in a minute) is to have a personal photography project, the theme…wait for it…52 Selfies! Those posts will be posted on Wednesday here in the blog and here (a Facebook group I created if you’d like to join my journey to self discovery)! I’ll write about love, photography, beauty, and you! So don’t forget to tune in Sundays and Wednesdays.

Moving on…

It’s New Year’s Eve! That means a New Year, a new me and a new you and of course, resolutions. There are so many things that change our lives and make us who we are. This past year, you might have gotten engaged, married, divorced, lost a loved one, had a baby, made a new best friend, moved across the country, traveled to a far off country, started a new job, or learned something new. Any of these changes have a definite impact on your life and may change the way you do things this coming year. So before we look forward, we’ll reflect back; never forget where you came from, right?

2016 was full of emotion:

I traveled to Disneyland…for WORK! Earned both my Professional Photography Certificate and Entrepreneur Certificate and then started my business! Grew a flourishing tomato plant which is a miracle because I don’t have a green thumb at all. My husband and I traveled the world, literally: the Bahamas, Niagara Falls, Germany, Italy, Romania and France. But that’s not without it’s challenges, due to our day jobs we’re often apart…this year…5 months-ish. That’s a long time to be away from a loved one, even more so when your family is on the other side of the country. That proves challenging for any relationship, longing and missing one another. But it’s always a happy reunion! And thankfully, this holiday season my husband and I were able to be together. –Now, looking forward!

2017 New Year, New Me Resolutions:

·      52 Selfies Personal Photography Project, join me! Not narcissistic in nature, but a chance to see ourselves grow throughout the year. A photograph really can be worth 1,000 words.

·      Read more. At least a book a month! I’ve been slacking in this department but LOVE to learn, I’ll keep you updated if you’d like to read along.

·      Workout more. I know, I know, it seems EVERYONE has this goal every year. But gym rats, don’t fret, I have a mini home gym I need to use, so I won’t crowd you.

·      Have more patience with and love for others. I can be pretty impatient at times…like when I’m hungry, Hangrycon-Delta, ya feel me?! And relationships, love, are important to me and I need to cultivate that more this new year.

What’re your resolutions this New Year?! Share them in the comments below!

Lastly, I want to say thank you for spending time with me and would love to give you a Happy New Years gift, get it here!

P.S. If you haven't entered for your chance to win a photo shoot with me, you can do so here! The winner will be announced on January 4, 2017.