Photo by my amazing husband Phil

Hello there,

I am so happy to meet you, allow me to introduce myself.

I'm Monique. Let me just say, I love a lot of things. Here's a snapshot of my life: I love my husband, our silver lab pup, traveling, and polka dots; because you can never have a bad day in polka dots!

I love portraits because they define you. You're beauty, your emotion, and way of life. I would love to provide you with the best photo you have of yourself.

I also love marriage and everything it stands for. I cannot wait to capture the first day of the rest of your lives.

Being a wedding and portrait photographer, I am humbled to provide you with timeless, quality photos. I am excited to learn about you and your story (What makes you smile, what defines you and how'd you meet, how did he propose, when did you know?). By the end of our journey together we'll be great friends.


Things I Cherish